Single Review: Sufjan Stevens – Reach Out

Reach Out opens to a melodious acoustic fingerpicking pattern that immediately sets one at ease. It feels rustic, unedited, and authentic – reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens’s artistic masterstroke, the album “Carrie & Lowell” released in 2015. The strings foster a degree of intimacy and familiarity with the listener. The sound is light and soft, communicating sensitivity and expectation as the tune loops, ready to accommodate the oncoming vocals. As Stevens and Angelo De Augustine sing together in

Euro 2020 Fantasy: Knockout Stages

As we reach the midway point of Euro 2020 Fantasy, Online Sports Editor Floris de Bruin has a few insights and suggestions that could help give you the winning edge. We have reached the round of 16 in UEFA Euro 2020, and with that, the halfway point in the Euro 2020 Fantasy game. Gifted unlimited transfers, an increased budget of €105m but with a smaller pool of players to choose from, you have some thinking and tinkering to do. Whether you are sitting comfortably at the top of Exepose’s Fanta

Single Review: Rainforest – Noname

For an artist called Noname, her lyricism and political agenda leave little to the imagination. Her latest track “Rainforest” presents a non-confrontational experience of social activism and political commentary against upbeat bossa nova. Noname’s raps are effortless, organic, and fresh; her rhymes flow as naturally as the rhythm itself. As it starts, the song builds with layers of percussion, each introduced one at a time, quickly forming a cohesive, hypnotic backdrop. Her vocals appear soon a

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